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Headstart in Biology: An introductory course for nursing students

Course Objectives:

a) To increase student confidence with regards to studying biology.
b) To build a good science foundation for their nursing studies.
c) To support biology in their nursing programmes by offering extra resource material.
d) To allow self-testing of material (by on-line quizzes) to facilitate learning.
e) To support student learning by means of web discussion pages and e-mail access to tutor. f) To encourage the use of I.T. generally for learning.

Course Testing:

This course has been based on a survey of nursing students to find outthe kind of support material and the subjects they would like before we started - hence the content of the different galleries. We are still relying onfeedback from exisitng students to help us tailor the course better.

Course Awards/Credits:

The course does not have a 'successful completion' and there are no awards given for completing any stage of the course.

Course Length:

Each gallery may take you up to two hours to read through, if you access all aspects and complete the end of gallery quiz. However, some galleries (gallery 4) are much longer than others, so this time could increase accordingly.


No assessments need to be completed but on-line quizzes allow students to repeatedly test themselves on the material covered.

Entry Requirements:

The course is specifically aimed at undergraduate nursing students so it is assumed that course participants have qualifications to enter nursing. However, students do not need to have any strict scientific or biological background to enter nursing so knowledge of these areas is not required.

Local Support

No forms of local support are presumed - - except that the participantneeds to have Internet access in order to proceed.

University Support:

Course participants have no access to any other forms of support fromthe University of Plymouth - though the PILL team and the course tutor can help with any problems.


The course is conducted entirely over the Internet and travel to theUniversity of Plymouth is not necessary.


The package is not summative, only formative so failure is not an issue. If someone is struggling, they can always e-mail the discussion group or the tutor for extra support (so they don't have to suffer in silence!).


This course is free and open to all
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